Will Hearing Aids Help My Career?

Over the past two decades, the median age of employees in the workforce has risen from 37.7 to nearly 42 years of age. This trend is expected to continue through the coming decade as well, despite the increasing number of employed millennials. As more individuals choose to stay in the workforce longer, there are new challenges for them to face, including their hearing.

Approximately 20 percent of America’s population is affected by hearing loss. This condition affects individuals of all demographics; however, the senior population is more likely to develop noise-related hearing loss. It is common for individuals to brush off an emerging hearing problem rather than treating it in its early stages. However, the use of hearing aids can improve your job performance in the following ways.

  1. Improved Communication. Many careers require the ability to communicate with others, and hearing aids empower employees to do so much more effectively.
  2. Earning Potential. Employees with untreated hearing loss earn less than their peers. Some experts estimate the wage gap is as high as $11,000 annually. The use of hearing aids has shown nearly eliminate this gap.
  3. Confidence. Hearing loss comes with a multitude of unwanted side effects, including reduced confidence. Those who choose to treat their hearing loss report feeling more self-assured.
  4. Improved Cognitive Function. Another downside to hearing loss is the toll it takes on your cognitive abilities. As our ability to hear declines, it requires greater mental effort to process sounds, which leads to cognitive overload.


If you suspect you or a loved one may have some degree of hearing loss, schedule a hearing test with your local audiologist. In addition to being an investment in your career, the use of hearing aids will allow you to avoid the consequences of untreated hearing loss. To find a provider of hearing tests in Lehi or Provo, Utah, contact our team of physical therapists today!