Select Health Insurance

Can you accept my insurance: SelectHealth?

The answer is complicated.

Rogan Taylor, DPT is an In-Network provider for SelectCare and Select Community Care. For years, we have asked SelectHealth to allow us to be providers on the SelectMed and SelectValue plans as well. At this time we still don’t have in-network benefits for SelectMed or SelectValue.

But Wait! There is GOOD NEWS: Here’s why a cash rate is often less expensive:

To use your physical therapy benefits, you will need to meet your deductible with Selecthealth before they begin to pay anything–even with an in-network provider. The daily rate you pay during the deductible period will be much greater than you would on our low cash rate. If you expect to participate in less sessions than would allow you to meet your deductible, you will be much better off with a cash rate.

The quality of therapy is the other piece to consider. Getting to the cause of your problem faster also saves your money and time. Our unique therapy has been shown to improve healing and injuries faster due to the one-on-one, high-quality treatment we offer.

What if I have already met my deductible?

If you have already met your deductible, you will need to look at your copay to see a specialist and compare it with our cash rate. Our discounted rate may cost a few dollars more, but our patients are happier paying a little more for individual, quality care that makes the difference.

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