Patient Testimonials

  • I have been to 23 medical professionals and spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours seeking treatment for my pain. My pain controlled my life and changed my personality. By the time I found Fyzical I was very skeptical and doubtful anyone or anything could help me. The pain in my back and neck radiated through my limbs and I had a constant headache. I was finally put on long term disability thru my job. I was looking at applying for permanent disability. I could not go far from home due to intense pain. I was isolating. I could not sit, stand or lie down very long. Focusing had become difficult and I began to feel I was going out of my mind with pain. People and doctors treated me crazy. Some promised miracle cures and gladly took my money. It has been a very long and strenuous road to say the least. I had tried Physical therapy before with no results. My experience at Fyzical was different from the start. The methods were different and the doctors spent time and showed genuine concern for all aspects of my life and how my condition affected me. They remembered me and my situation at each session. The results were not immediate but within 2 months I started having half a day which grew to a day or 2 and 3 without pain! I have begun to go out with friends without fear of needing to rush home to ‘escape’ the pain. I feel so fortunate and grateful I finally found this practice and these professionals. I have hope again for my future. Thank you!

  • I highly recommend Rogan Taylor at Fyzical. I went to him initially for one thing, but he ended up helping me recover from something I thought I’d have to live with for the rest of my life. About ten years ago when I was in my mid-20s, I was diagnosed with Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency (VBI). Every time I turned my head past a certain point, it would cut off the blood flow to my brain. This caused vertigo, weakness and and loss of vision which would correct itself when I turned my head back into a neutral position. Over the years I’ve been to several doctors, including two neurosurgeons. The solution, I was told, if I didn’t want to have a risky surgery, was to stop turning my head. So that’s what I did. I tried not to turn my head unless it was absolutely necessary. But as a young mother of four children, it wasn’t easy. I was plagued with debilitating headaches and neck pain. I finally read online that physical therapy was helpful in reducing symptoms of VBI, so I went to a physical therapist that my father recommended up in South Jordan. That PT helped me stretch and strengthen my muscles, which eased my pain, but didn’t help the dizziness, etc, which I felt when turning my head, so eventually I gave up on it. Last summer I injured my shoulder in a mountain biking wreck, and after a couple of months of pain, I decided to see a physical therapist. Several people recommended Rogan Taylor, but I didn’t want to go to him initially because he was an out-of-network provider on my insurance. I called anyway to see how much they would charge and as it turns out, they offer a discount for self paying patients, so it ended up being affordable. I went to Rogan looking for help with my shoulder. I was convinced that my VBI, headaches and neck pain were lifelong afflictions that I would just have to deal with. Not only did Rogan fix up my shoulder, but he’s helped me with my neck and upper back, which were a mess, and now I hardly ever have symptoms of VBI. Apparently, years of not allowing my head to turn had locked up my vertebrae and caused inflammation that was blocking blood flow and exacerbating my VBI. Thanks to Rogan, I have full range of motion in my neck and now I know how important it is to keep it moving. I still get headaches occasionally, and when I feel one coming on, I go to Rogan and he gets my joints moving properly again and my headache subsides. Besides Rogan being awesome, the staff is helpful and accommodating and the techs are friendly.

  • FYZICAL is AMAZING. In high school I started having neck and back pain problems as a result of the way I sleep-on my stomach, for which I saw a PT regularly to help fix. One day recently, I woke up with the worst back pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. Not being from Utah, I found FYZICAL through my insurance provider and researched them before going in that same day. I met with Mark Peterson and he was able to diagnose and alleviate the source of my back pain (my SI joint) in a matter of minutes. The man is a miracle worker! I feel 10x better after every appointment and would not be able to deal with my back problems if it weren’t for Mark and the people at FYZICAL. The FYZICAL staff is excellent, and is always friendly and helpful when I come in for treatment.

  • I come from Australia and went recently to the US with an existing knee pain post arthroscopy. I needed to continue my physical therapy and Rogan was recommended to us by a friend. Rogan and his team treated my knee pain so well and pushed me to my limits which was necessary for my recovery. Back in Australia now and if ever I come to the US needing physical therapy again, I will definitely go back to Fyzical Provo. Thanks Rogan and to your awesome team!

  • Fyzical and staff are amazing in every way! They not only specialize in treating all manner of spine and orthopedic injuries, but they also excel in acute personal care, focusing on the individual’s overall well-being and recovery. I would highly recommend Rogan, Kimball and the rest of the therapists at Fyzical to anyone.

  • Unfortunately I have had to go to Fyzical several times for different reasons over the years. All of my experiences have been good. Recently my doctors told me that I would need both hip and neck fusion surgery. I went to see Rogan at Fyzical and after a few visits, I am doing much better and don’t believe I will need surgery which makes me very happy. A couple of years ago my doctor sent me to a different physical therapist. Although he was good, I preferred going to Rogan and so this time I told my doctor that I was going to go to Fyzical instead.