Juvent: Micro Impact Platform

Did you know that your bones play a huge role in keeping your body healthy and happy?

  • Bones are responsible for Red and White Blood Cell production
  • Bones regulate growth hormone in your body
  • Bones play a large function in blood sugar regulation
  • Bones also produce our own variety of stem cells–called mesenchymal cells that repair joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves.

What is the best way to keep your bones healthy so they can perform well?

Well, they are a lot like the rest of us: They need good nutrition and exercise.

Exercise? But wait? How do you exercise bone?

Bones are stimulated and perform their own functions best when they get Impact exercise.

(See Surgeon General Report: Bone Health and Osteoporosis page 125-128)

So how do you get impact exercise?

Walking 5 miles barefoot per day is sufficient.  But Juvent Micro Impact Platforms can also deliver a high dose of impact exercise in a comfortable and convenient 10 minutes. FYZICAL has invested in bringing Juvent Micro Impact Platforms to our patients and clinics.

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