Hearing Aid Maintenance And Repair

Hearings aids are highly sensitive electronics that are your gateway to the hearing world. In order to remain connected it is important to ensure your hearing aids stay in working order. There are a series of daily tasks that you should complete. They will help extend the life of your hearing aid and prevent you from having to return to the office for repairs.

Visual Check

You should examine the hearing aid and earmold to make sure nothing seems out of the ordinary. This would involve:

  • Broken or cracked areas
  • Blockage in any of the openings
  • Buildup of moisture in the tubing
  • Corrosion in the battery compartment

Listening Check

Using a listening tube, you are able to hear if the hearing aid sounds weak or scratchy. Your audiologist will show you how to perform this simple test before you leave the office with your new device.

Battery Check

The batteries used in hearing aids are different than those you are used to. Instead of slowly draining over time, zinc batteries go from seemingly full power to dead in an instant. The only way to determine if your hearing aid battery will last the whole day is to use a battery tester. You should also make it a habit to carry extra batteries with you wherever you go. This ensures if your hearing aid battery does die unexpectedly you are covered.

Debris Check

Your hearing aid spends a significant amount of time in your ear. This leads to a buildup of moisture as well as grime and dirt on the device. The earmold (the portion of the hearing aid that sits in your ear) can be cleaned with a mild soap solution. It is important to make sure the earmold is completely dry before you reattach it. The rest of the heading aid can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. A wax pick or a soft-bristled toothbrush can be used to remove wax from the hearing aid.

Removing the battery from the device and leaving it open overnight helps to remove any moisture that has collected throughout the day. You can also invest in a dehumidifier, a box designed to safely remove any moisture that has built up.