Hearing Aid Faqs

Who can benefit from a hearing aid?

Most patients with hearing loss can benefit from the use of a hearing aid. In order to determine if a hearing aid will work for you, your audiologist will have to complete a series of tests.

How do you decide which type of hearing aid to purchase?

Deciding which style of hearing aid to purchase is daunting. Your audiologist will work with you to decide which model will work best with your personal aesthetic, listening lifestyle and budget. FYZICAL has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you take your hearing aid home and decide it does not work for you, simply bring the device back to the office for a refund.

How long will the battery in the hearing aid last?

The length of time a hearing aid battery will last is determined by the battery size, the complexity of the device and the amount of amplification your degree of hearing loss requires. Typically, most batteries last five to seven days. To figure out your average, keep track of how long each battery from a pack lasts. Once you reach the end of the pack, you can add up the days and take the average.

How often should you wear the hearing aids?

Getting used to wearing a hearing aid is a process. For the first few weeks try wearing the hearing aid for as long as you can stand it, increasing the amount of time each day. Once you are used to the devices you should wear the hearing aids the whole day, except when sleeping and showering.

What should you do if your hearing aid is acting up?

Make sure the hearing aid is on, the batteries are working, there is no earwax or other debris clogging the machine and the volume is turned up loudly enough. If the hearing aid is still not working, contact our office to set up an appointment. Our audiologist will be able to determine what is causing the problem and either fix it in the office or send it out for repair.