Custom Earplugs

Wearing proper hearing protection is the best way to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Pharmacies sell one-size-fits-all ear plugs that can be used in a pinch. If you are constantly exposed to loud noises, we recommend investing in custom earmolds.

These molds are created from an imprint taken of the inside of your ear. This ensures the earplug will fit securely and comfortably, as well as provide you will the highest quality of sound protection.

An earmold can be made from a variety of materials, such as acrylic, vinyl and silicone. Silicone is the most flexible material, creating an earmold that produces the tightest seal. They are difficult to insert into small ears due to their flexibility. Acrylic earmolds are less likely to break and are easy to insert and remove from the ear. Vinyl is harder than silicone but softer than acrylic. This middle ground makes these molds ideal for a child’s ear.

In addition to earmolds created for hearing protection, they can be made specifically for swimmers, musicians and hunters.

Swimmer’s earmolds are created to help prevent ear infections by keeping water and debris from entering the ear while swimming. These earmolds are waterproof and buoyant, to ensure if they fall out they can be easily retrieved.

Hunter’s earmolds are designed to block out dangerously loud sounds, such as a gunshot. While protecting the ear they are also able to allow safe sounds in. This ensures the hunters can stay aware of their surroundings.

Musician’s earplugs are able to evenly reduce sound so music and speech are clear. These plugs prevent dangerously loud sounds from entering the ear while still keeping the integrity of the music intact.