Better Hearing for the New Year

New year, new possibilities. If you are one of the 48 million individuals from Provo, Utah and throughout the United States with hearing loss, now is the perfect time to make a change.

The average person waits seven years to seek treatment for their hearing loss. This may be because they are unwilling to admit they have a problem (which makes sense because everyone else is perfect) or because they do not want to utilize a treatment that makes them look and feel old. The good news is the hearing aids you remember your parents or grandparents wearing are not even close to the devices of today. Modern day hearing aids are sleek and stylish. They contain extremely complex technology as well as additional features such as Bluetooth® connectivity. Some devices are even small enough to be placed within the ear canal, making them practically invisible.

In order to find the perfect hearing aid, you will need to schedule an appointment with your Provo audiologist. At this visit your audiologist will request you complete a series of hearing tests. The two most popular tests are pure-tone and speech testing.

Pure-tone testing is used to determine the faintest tones you can hear at a variety of pitches. You will be required to wear a pair of specially designed headphones while sitting in a sound booth. A series of tones will be played through the headphones. Every time you hear a tone you will either raise your hand or push a button. The results from this hearing test will be recorded on an audiogram, which is a visual representation of how well you can hear.

Speech testing is used to measure how well you understand speech. The tester will read a list of words aloud and you will be acted to simply indicate you heard the words or recite the words back. This will measure your speech reception threshold (SRT) and speech detection threshold (SDT). These results are also recorded on your audiogram.

Once your type and degree of hearing loss is determined, your Provo, Lehi & Orem audiologist will be able to determine the right course of treatment. For most, this treatment will be the use of a hearing aid. It is never too late to start treatment. Make 2017 the year you can hear.